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 Confessional #6 {Two Tribes, Losing Together}

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PostSubject: Confessional #6 {Two Tribes, Losing Together}   Tue May 19, 2015 10:55 pm

The split vote plan worked out perfectly. Madea was lying and voted me. Jeff we knew was voting me. Ekki and I put one vote each on them just to be safe. For the revote we decided to vote out Madea since she was the bigger wildcard and we can reason with Jeff.

After speaking with Magic, Moses and Ariana, red tribe agreed to throw the F11 challenge to protect us and to vote out moondoggie. Through cooperation, our tribe and theirs was able to take out two people that were a close pair. Now all we have left to do is focus on Ainu.

Before the F10 challenge, it was announced that we had merged! Yay, always an accomplishment. If people stay loyal (and do what is logically in their best interest) the two tribes of 3 should easily be able to vote out the Ainu four. I don't know why anyone would be stupid enough to flip for no reason to mess everything up. If someone decides to do that, then I guess stupidity wins out once again.

Right now we are guaranteed F6 with a pretty wide open group of no challenge threats. The Ainu four are all studs. Siding with them would hand them the game. I really hope that doesn't happen.

Ideally for my game, we can just lazily vote those four out while I sit back, look innocent, and start to butter up all the juror members as they leave. Hopefully I have played UTR enough that people will see others as bigger threats for now. I am not ready to be in the spotlight just yet.
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Confessional #6 {Two Tribes, Losing Together}
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