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 Confessional #7

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PostSubject: Confessional #7   Wed May 13, 2015 10:48 pm

So i've been scrambling to find out my position on the Gilyak.  I talk to Moses and he told me I was sacrificed at the Blackjack game by Bobby for some chips.  I don't believe Moses and he's probably telling me this to cause a rift with my old Ainu tribe and follow him.  I'm good with that impression just as long as he willing to keep me around, cause i'm under the Gilyaks mercy now.  I also told him I had an hidden immunity idol, this could possibly make me a target, but I think Moses will keep me around longer, if he thinks he can use me to his advantage.  As for Madea, she is also worried that she will be voted off being the only outsider of that tribe.  She suggested that the Ainu throw the next challenge to keep herself and me safe while Cathy, bobby and audrey vote off  Tony.  I'm not so sure they want to do that as they seem more concerned about their individual games over maintaining the alliance.  I'm no longer going to press Bobby to use his secret item to swap to my tribe, I think he can decide for himself what is best.  My plan is probably to be Moses' bitch for awhile and hopefully get to merge, and Madea is still around.
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Confessional #7
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