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 Confessional #6

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PostSubject: Confessional #6   Wed May 13, 2015 4:33 pm

where did I leave off?  Oh yeah we had two tribes for awhile, my tribe the Ainu and Ulita, however you want to spell that.  Our teamwork was great and we were able to get 2 members from the Ulita out.  Then a reward challenge happen and the three winners were captains again.  We had to pick which team we wanted to join.  Sweet and Jeff joined up with Ekk.  Ariana and moses join with magic girl.  All the Ainu members try to rejoin the Ainu team, but Tony can only choose 3.  I felt that in order to protect my alliance of Madea, Audrey, and Cathy, it would have been right for Bobby and I to volunteer to go somewhere else, after all he told me he has the item that can swap people so we can always rejoin on a different tribe and take control with my tiebreaker vote in case of a 2-2.  But unfortunately Bobby never got my message and Tony picked him, Cathy, and Audrey.  I thought it was curious how Ulita picked Madea who hasn't been that active over me.  My guess is that they feel I was the bigger threat, so leave me on Gilyak and they probably conspired with Magic girl to throw the next competition and get me out, while keeping their alliance on the two teams safe.  I might be paranoid about this, but that's what i would've done in their shoes.  And after talking to Magic Girl, she wouldn't commit anything to me so I don't feel safe.  My best chance is to convince Bobby to use his item and swap over to the Gilyak where we can both gain control.  But he's in a pretty safe position with the Ainu, so i don't know if he's willing to give that up and I won't make him do it if it's gonna affect his individual game.  My last hope would be to convince moses I have a special item that can help both of us get further.  Not sure how deep he is in with Grande and Magic girl so i have to approach carefully.
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Confessional #6
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