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 Confessional #6

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PostSubject: Confessional #6   Confessional #6 EmptyWed May 13, 2015 7:00 pm

Moondoggie messaged me and says that he thinks his tribe is going to throw the challenge to get rid of him.  That sucks...... for him.

He asked if I would consider using my Power to Swap with any player to join him so we can vote together.  Even if I actually had the power to do that I wouldn't, but I don't even actually have that ability.  What I have instead is a Hidden Immunity Idol, which I think I would rather hold on to.

I do find it odd that the other tribe is willing to throw a challenge to take out Moon though.  If that is true it could be potentially damning to me and every other player because it would mean that there is an alliance with enough power and confidence to throw a challenge to start taking out threats. An alliance like that could easily take control of the game.  

I'm not completeley against giving my idol to Moon to save himself just to shake things up (am i able to do that, Switza ?).  If I can't win the game I at least wanna have as much fun as possible, so if I gave him my idol it would be worth it just to watch the alliance over on that tribe shit their pants a little bit.  

But then I'd have to own up to Moon that I lied to him about having the ability to switch tribes. I would also have to trust that he actually is in danger and needs an idol. Which I'm not sure I believe.

My biggest problem in this game is that I don't trust anyone. I literally think everyone is lying to me and that is not good. Its a bad way to play the game because it prevents me from having a strong ally, and it makes me too paranoid. ARG!!!

That is all.
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Confessional #6
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