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 Confessional #5

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PostSubject: Confessional #5   Confessional #5 EmptyFri May 08, 2015 7:07 pm

So we send Bobby to do the reward challenge.  He seems like a bright and enthusiastic young lad.  Not sure what happened there at the reward challenge, but they spend hours on end there.  I thought they were having an orgy or something.  Bobby later revealed to me that they were playing Blackjack for the teams' survival.  He said Audrey fell asleep or something and her group the Gilyak was disbanded.  The two remaining teams picked the players that were in the pool.  So we picked up Jeff Winger who was supposedly sacrificed by his own former tribe mate Ekk for some more playing chips.  We also picked up Audrey and Tony the tiger.  I immediately had to set up a chat with the original Ainu to keep the loyalty there, since us four have the numbers against the new three members.  I also set up a 4 people chat with Madea, Bobby, Audrey, and myself, cause that was the original alliance Madea pursued and I also wanted to make Audrey more comfortable with the new tribe.  Best bet is to get either Jeff or Tony out if we lose a challenge so that the group is down to 6.  so if someone does decides to flip, I can use the tiebreaker vote in case of a 3-3.
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Confessional #5
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