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 Confessional #2

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PostSubject: Confessional #2   Tue May 05, 2015 5:11 pm

So the first challenge was an auction reward challenge. I came in late and try to swoop whatever was left. Luckily it was something good. However it is unrevealed to the others and people are probably monitoring me closely. It's actually a tiebreaker vote. Whenever there is a tie at tribal council, I can be the ultimate decider of who goes home. I'm really loving this twist. If use effectively, it could even be better than a double vote. My thinking is maybe it will become useful at the merge or swap to preserve an alliance or myself. I will probably have to reveal this to my alliance.
Catherine picked me for the Ainu, and I'm very grateful. Also I'm joined with FunBobby, who seems like a good guy. Jocelyn and Human are on our team too. We went to tribal council because Human wanted the immunity necklace. He's gonna be the next target if it's up to me. Madea has a plan for a cross alliance with me, her, Bobby, Tyrion, and Audrey. I'm ok with this but need to get a good read on everyone before we fully commit. I'm trying to gain Bobby's trust by setting up a private chat with him. Also Moses from the other team contacted me. We had a friendly chat and he mentioned my hidden item, he's a pretty astute player so I gotta watch out for him and see what he brings to the table.
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Confessional #2
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