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 Final challenge for todays game: part 2

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PostSubject: Final challenge for todays game: part 2   Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:10 pm

Challenge 1: Auction. Magic won immunity for tribe. Ekki spent all $500 on his reward for getting 1 vote every time at tribal council when and if he gets to merge, unless he wins immunity then it's void. Bobby won an idol, so did sweet. Tribes picked, then rewards known. Madea wins a place on a tribe where first person is out. Sweet was uilta.

Challenge 2: Sat out cos I won immunity. Ainu vs gilyak. Ainu lost.
Tc1: JOceyln out. Swapped with madea

Challenge 3: each tribe lists names after 5 mins for 1 hour. live. Moondoggie on ainu is good and blocks uilta alot, yet ainu still lose, whilst gilyak are in lead. Ainu go to tc
tc2: Human voted out

Challenge 4: A reward. Game of 21. Only 1 tribe member each compete. Ekki wins. 3 tribes become 2- ainu and uilta. No more gilyak cos they lost. Ekki keeps sweet and MAGIC, GETS TYRION AND ILLUMINATTI and moses. BOBBY keeps catherine and madea and audrey and tony, ariana.

Challenge 5: untimed. List words with 3 words in middle. ekki wins individual immunity
tc 3: tyrion out

Challenge 6: key challenges. Uilta lost.
tc 4: iluminatti out

challenge 7: reward : crossword puzzle on sakhalin. Ekki won and stays on uilta. 3 tribe split. tony comes 2nd and 3rd magic. tony stays on ainu and i form new gilyak

players pick themselves who they wanna go on. moses and ariana and moon pick gilyak. jeff, sweet and madea pick uilta...catherine, bobby and audrey pick ainu

challenge 8: trivia on 20 diff subjects. only pick 10. uilta lose
tc5: madea out, sweet used idol

challenge 9: only 3 players needed. I didnt attended
tc6: gilyak loses. moondoggie out

challenge 10: merge. quiz on listing actors in movies. tony wins immunity
tc7: catherine voted out.

challenge 11: list russian atheltes, 10 rounds. list gets shorter and indivual answers only. ekki wins immunity
tc8: sweet voted out

challenge 12: untimed. survivor winners that no one else picks. ekki wins immunity
tc 9: jeff voted out

challenge 13: trivia. tony is ahead. audrey and bobby play double and lose points. ekki plays a challenge to get a player out and wins immunity
tc 10: audrey voted out

challenge 14: list 20 tv shows in order from random list from tv guide. tony wins immunity and gets a reward. to pick who works in what pair!

challenge 15: work in pairs to get a work an anagram. names from the show The Americans. tony vs bobby. ekki and magic, and ariana and moses in a pair. tony and bobby win first round. then tony wins immunity
tc 11: bobby out
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Final challenge for todays game: part 2
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