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 Final 5 Immunity Challenge

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Final 5 Immunity Challenge Empty
PostSubject: Final 5 Immunity Challenge   Final 5 Immunity Challenge EmptyMon Jun 01, 2015 7:57 pm


1. Ariana
2. Jocelyn
3. Ariana
4. Ariana
5. Moses
6. Tyrion
7. Catherine
8. Moondoggie
9. Jocelyn
10. Jocelyn
11. Sweet
12. Audrey
13. Audrey
14. Jeff
15. Sweet
16. Ariana
17. Moses
18. Ekki
19. Moses
20. Tony


Challenge 1 (R): Various winners, Auction. Main event: tribes picked.
Challenge 2 (I): Ainu and Gilyak won. Tribes must choose whether to go with their tribe or by themselves. The two teams that list tribe the most (or the fastest) win immunity. Members that list self will have individual immunity were their tribe to go to the tribal council.
Tribal Council 1: Jocelyn Wildenstein voted out

Challenge 3 (I) :Gilyak and Uilta won. One hour time window. Teams must work to post their tribe number in succession to gain bonus points. Another player could post to break a chain.
Tribal Council 2: Human voted out.

Challenge 4 (R): Team switched. I think I was supposed to play, but I didn’t because I kind of got drunk and have no idea what the challenge was.
Challenge 5 (I): Ainu won. Scattergories style game with Switz providing three letter sets where each team member must post a word that includes those letters in the middle.
Tribal Council 3: Tyrion Lannister voted out.

Challenge 6 (I): Ainu won. One member from each tribe was locked in a cage. The other five members had 12 keys apiece. Ten locks needed to be answer in order by matching the correct lock to the correct key based on a trivia question.
Tribal Council 4: Illuminati voted out.

Challenge 7 (I): Three winners (1st Sweet, 2nd Tony, 3rd Ekki) 200 words from Sakhalin wiki article. 100 were used as words for a word search. Top 3 became new teams captain. 2pts. for unique answer. 1 pt. for a non-unique word found.
Challenge 8 (I): Ainu and Gilyak won. Trivia challenge with each team sending a representative. Teams bid 1 – 10 pts (only allowing to so only once) before each question. First to answer collects all points.
Tribal Council 5: Madea voted out.

Challenge 9 (I): Ainu and Uilta won. Various sentences were taken from Sakhalin article. Three members of each tribe need to list them in the article’s chronological order (only first five responses counted.)
Tribal Council 6: Moondoggie voted out.


Challenge 10 (I): Tony won.
Tribal Council 7: Catherine Willows voted out.

Challenge 11 (I): Ekki won. Half luck half skill game.
Tribal Council 8: Sweet_Solitude99 voted out.

Challenge 12 (I): Ekki won. Each player is to list ten Survivor champions. Switza listed ten automatically counting as 25 pts. The rest will be worth a multiple of ten depending on how many others also list it.
Tribal Council 9: Jeff Winger voted out.

Challenge 13 (I): Ekki won. Ten rounds of trivia with each player being able to play a risk card (doubler, eliminator, and reset). Faster you answer, more points you get.
Tribal Council 10: Audrey Belrose eliminated.

Challenge 14 (R): Tony won reward – 20 TV Guide descriptions of episodes – speed challenge to state name of show. Won advantages to select teams – picked: Moses/Ariana & Magic/Ekki & Tony/Bobby
Challenge 15 (I): Tony won immunity – three pairs facing off in unscrambling episodes of the first two seasons of the Americans with each pair responsible for ordering one season. Then, Bobby/Tony won with Tony unscrambling season 3 episodes the fastest.
Tribal Council 11: FunBobby voted out.
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Final 5 Immunity Challenge
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