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 Confessional #4 - Tribe Shuffle

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Confessional #4 - Tribe Shuffle Empty
PostSubject: Confessional #4 - Tribe Shuffle   Confessional #4 - Tribe Shuffle EmptyFri May 08, 2015 12:17 am

The reward challenge was crucial for me to win because I didn't want my tribe to be dissolved into a larger tribe where we would potentially be picked off.  

At the start of the challenge I knew I had to sacrifice at least one tribemate to get more money for the challenge, but when I saw that the other two people sacrificed two tribe members I thought I was screwed.

Luckily I was able to bring my money count up and held my own against Ekki and Aubrey during the challenge.  

I was periodically communicating with Aubrey during the challenge and she was saying she was falling asleep and wanted to bet all of her money to end the challenge quicker.  I told her I wanted the challenge to end soon too but that I could not risk all my money because I had to try and keep my tribe alive.

I have to say I was glad she fell out of the challenge because I was about ready to drop out myself.

It was nice to communicate with Aubrey and create a bond with her.  I picked her during the schoolyard pick-em right after I took back Moondoggie.  

I sent a private message to all of the original Ainu members (moondoggie, madea and catherine) and pretty much told them what happened during the challenge.  I wanted to let them know that I saved us all from being dissolved.  I left out the part where I sacrificed Moondoggie.  In fact I flat out told them that I didn't sacrifice anyone.  Hopefully that doesn't come back up to bite me in the ass later.

I noticed that Ekki avoided picking Jeff during the pick-em, which I found interesting because why would you not want to pick up one of your original tribemates?  I purposely avoided picking Jeff because I wanted to see if Ekki would eventually select him, but he never did.  So i'm guessing him and Jeff were never close.  If I am correct in inferring that these two aren't close I can possibly use this information to create a bond with Jeff.  

I also noticed that Ekki picked Moses first.  Moses was someone who was always sending me private messages even though we were on separate tribes.  The fact that Ekki picked him first, even above his own original tribemates, leads me to believe that these two have also been communicating a lot and/or have had a pre-game alliance. This is good to know.
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Confessional #4 - Tribe Shuffle
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