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 Confessional #2 {Slow Beginnings & Dog Bones}

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PostSubject: Confessional #2 {Slow Beginnings & Dog Bones}   Thu May 07, 2015 11:05 pm

The game has been slow moving so far. I immediately went about building solid trust with all of my tribe mates. Illuminati seems new and pretty much vowed to be my number one. But I also feel like the smart play is to have Ekki/Magic, the two most active and all-around-strong members as my core alliance. Illuminati will be my ace in the hole.

We haven't had to talk about strategy or voting yet, since we have avoided tribal council so far. Red seems like a powerhouse squad. Yellow seems a bit chaotic. Speaking of yellow, moondoggie messaged me out of the blue, looking for info but disguising it as a cry for help. He says his team is falling fast and he wants to hitch on to us if they lose more members before merge. I guess he sees red as the biggest threat and wants to be in the majority group to go after them. Fine with me if he is legit, but I am not telling him much in case he is just trying to play me.

Tonight's immunity was for just one member each from the tribes. Ekki went for us. I just got word from him that he is playing 21 against the other tribes' volunteers. He has a solid lead. He sacrificed Illuminati & Jeff Winger into the school yard pick, which will happen after the challenge, to get more money and lead the challenge. It looks like us and Red will survive and pick teams with the yellow players being dispersed. In his msg, Ekki revealed that Jeff Winger in our tribe has shown a lack of loyalty already. He has proposed to Ekki that they should team up with Red. Ekki was loyal to Magic and I by telling us, and I am suggesting to him that we toss Jeff aside for some new tribe mates. We will try to choose Illuminati back in the pick, because he has been loyal although a bit non-active.

I'm not sure who else Ekki will pick from the yellow team, but I am now confident that Ekki is loyal to me and Magic. We will be a solid trio and will be able to regroup in this new game of two tribes. Jeff, you made a series of huge mistakes, my friend. You showed up late, showed a lack of loyalty, and plotted behind my back. You are as good as gone. Hope you crash and burn on your new tribe or that you end up back with us so we can vote your ass out.

This is the Lindsay show. I am the captain of Uilta, and only loyal soldiers can be in my squad.
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Confessional #2 {Slow Beginnings & Dog Bones}
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