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 Confessional #3 - Second Immunity Challenge

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Confessional #3 - Second Immunity Challenge Empty
PostSubject: Confessional #3 - Second Immunity Challenge   Confessional #3 - Second Immunity Challenge EmptyTue May 05, 2015 10:24 pm

So the plan, as far as I know, is to vote off Human.  He is the only member of our tribe who chose "Immunity" at the last challenge and he did nothing to help us win tonight's challenge.

I still don't fully trust Moondoggie, but I am going along with him for now because I don't think Catherine wants to vote him out and I don't have the numbers to do anything except to play along and ride it out.  If i did something stupid like play my Idol for Human and tell Human and me to vote for Moondoggie it would just put me in a weird position with our tribe down to 4 and me having pissed off Catherine and Madea.  No thanks.

Moondoggie asked me if we have to come to tribal council next week and it was down to himself, me, Madea and Catherine who would I vote for.  Why does he need to know that?  We aren't in that position now so don't worry about it (that is what I felt like saying... but of course, I didn't actually say that to him).  

I told him I would be open to voting either Madea or Catherine and asked him which way he was leaning.  He didn't give a straight answer, which leads me to believe that I am doing the right thing in not trusting  him fully.  I hate when people try to pick my brain but then give out not information themselves.  He's a smooth cat and I don't know how close he actually is with Madea or Catherine so I have to watch everything I say around him, which I hate.  

I told Moondoggie that my Secret Auction Item was that I was able to switch tribes at any point during the Tribal portion of the game.  Its hard to say if he believes this, but I don't think he has any reason to think it couldn't be true, so hopefully he bought it.  

I am going to go with my gut again and take everyone's word at face value that they are voting for Human and I am going to do the same.
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Confessional #3 - Second Immunity Challenge
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