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 Confessional #1 {Hi I'm Lindsay}

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PostSubject: Confessional #1 {Hi I'm Lindsay}   Tue May 05, 2015 1:21 pm

My strategy to be a non-mystery player is paying off. I am playing as Lindsay, a totally lovable girl who hasn't been around the boards in a long while. I figure there is little chance of her randomly showing up and blowing my cover. I am hoping to rely on her sweet reputation for as long as I can without showing my true devious nature.

The auction and tribe picks went so well, I can hardly believe my good fortune. All the people I felt were sketchy and/or "gamers" ended up as captains or early picks for the other tribes. I chose Ekki and Magic because they were the most active people available to me. Magic ended up having the amazing power of keeping us immune from the first challenge. Fantastic! Let them vote someone out and bring in the loudmouth Medea. She will cause nothing but trouble on whatever tribe she ends up on.

I was worried that Moses & Winger would end up as inactives, but that would have given us easy choices for votes. As luck would have it, Moses got swapped for Illuminati, and he/she showed up today along with Jeff too! Our whole tribe is active and has a great chance to stay immune for a couple more rounds at least.

My main strategy is going to be heroic this game. I am going to stick with my tribe as much as I can, unless I have suspicion about any of them. But really they all SEEM super nice and loyal, but looks can be deceiving. I mean look at me! Illuminati PM'd me and said he/she knows me from the boards and we used to be friends. Perfect, a number one ally. Jeff also PM'd me asking about how the game works. It seems those two see me as the tribe leader which is great for me. I figure I can lead them both behind me like gentle little lambs.

I am counting on Ekki & Magic to be good challenge players and carry the tribe that way.

Oh I almost forgot to mention. I won the immunity idol in the auction. HAHAHAHAHA perfect. Everyone else was too scared to go for it. I am usually very effective when I have one of these little guys. I can use it to bluff. Or pull it out at the right time and cause chaos in this game.

The biggest threats so far seem to be Catherine, Bobby, Moondoggie, Ariana, Audrey, and maybe Medea. The faster these people gtfo, the better.

Alright Lindsay, let's do this gurl. Smile
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Confessional #1 {Hi I'm Lindsay}
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