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 Exit Interview

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PostSubject: Exit Interview   Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:18 am

Thank you so much for signing up and playing this game, especially since you weren't from the Games board like most of the other players. You did a great job for your first game.

How did you enjoy the game? What did you find most surprising about the experience?

At that survey, you were voted friendliest. Does it surprise you that you got along so well with others, or was that your main strategy?

Obviously you and Ekki were a tight pair. But nobody seemed to pick up on how tight you were. How were you able to keep your closeness so concealed to the other players?

At what point did you recognize that you were in a great spot to go far in the game? Or were you paranoid throughout that you might be getting voted out?

You made a comment during the final challenge about the other 2 being better players. Was that just a throwaway comment during the challenge, or do you actually think they had played better than you? Do you think you could have beaten either of them if you made finals?
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PostSubject: Re: Exit Interview   Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:05 am

Thanks switza, I'm really glad I signed up to play the game.  

Oh, I enjoyed the game a lot, but one thing that totally threw me off initially was the whole double crossing and manipulation that was going on - but I guess that's part and parcel of it all - it gets you to outwit and outplay the fallen comrades! But no, really, when I got a sense of what was going on I decided to be almost completely passive in how I dealt with the others, rather than be too 'in the know' or show any strong alliances i.e. to Ekki, because I know if anyone sensed that, they'd wanna break it and get me out.  I knew if I was as openly loyal as Sweet, I'd have gone long long LONG ago.

I'm surprised I was voted friendliest, but I'd admit in part that was mostly my strategy.  I knew it was a numbers game and unless you got people on side, you were out.  I knew Ariana and Moses were the ones I had to keep most on side, so I made sure those two especially felt I wasn't a threat - and come across as 'a follower' and 'coattail rider' which Ariana seemed to harp on about behind my back, which secretly annoyed me, but I knew I had to act all oblivious whenever she pmed me to go along with her lol

Yeah, I told Ekki we need to act as distant as we can so others don't feel we're threats to take out.  Also with the first tribal split I felt we could get the numbers to get rid of Audrey's gang, and at the merge we did have the 6 vote lead against the other 4.  And again keeping Moses and Ariana on board was very important.

I think after Audrey went that's when I felt more positive of my position in the game. Also Ariana, she so wanted me out too and I see in the Jury House both are still gunning for me lol

That was a throwaway comment lol.  Last few challenges I did better than Ekki and was close last round Razz And no, Tony pmed me before he voted me out saying he thinks I'd win if he put me through, but tbf he definitely underestimated how popular Ekki is.  Like I said, most in the Jury House can't stand me haha

My initial aim was defs to get Ekki in the final, as he's the only friend who I knew was a Survivor fan so would be good(though we argued loads throughout, easy to get wound during the game!).  I became a fan during playing your challenge (so thank you for that) so I didn't feel right going further than him.  Long ago I decided top 3 would be the best position, and then he could get my vote at the end.  But yeah, a part of me would have liked to make final 2, as the game progressed, but Tony played hard and deserved his place too' and again I'd have felt guilty if Ekki left as he played along because I asked him to and it would be anticlimactic if he went now.  

It was a great season though, switza,  and I'll miss it!

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PostSubject: Re: Exit Interview   Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:41 pm

I forgot to say I had no idea your game would run this long or that I'd make it this far, but it has been fun...and I'm glad I met all sorts of characters here...  It's definitely an experience I won't forget!  And yeah, truthfully 100% my first interactive game online with other players.  

You've been a great host switza so thanks again.  :p
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PostSubject: Re: Exit Interview   

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Exit Interview
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