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 Final Tribal Council

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Final Tribal Council Empty
PostSubject: Final Tribal Council   Final Tribal Council EmptyThu Jun 04, 2015 11:54 pm

We have a complete jury now and a final 2: tony and Ekki. I'm sure you each have questions you'd like to ask them to help determine who you will vote for to win the game.

You'll have that opportunity at Tribal Council. I know how these typically go and I'd ask that you help keep the forum as uncluttered as possible. You'll each get the chance to post a question or comment. I'd prefer that you keep your posts to 1 or 2 regarding your original question, as opposed to commenting on answers to other juror questions or dragging out your comments by making multiple additional posts.

I hope you understand and can keep to this as best as possible. Thanks
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Final Tribal Council
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