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Ekki Mukk

Ekki Mukk

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PostSubject: Reflection   Reflection EmptyThu Jun 04, 2015 7:06 pm

Jocelyn. Didn't know Jocelyn. Huge-ass picture was kinda funny.

Human. I'm sure he/she was a human being.

Tyrion. I only PM'd with Tyrion a few times, but I really liked him. The first person I talked to about stuff other than the game. Sucked we voted him out so soon.

Illuminati. Seemed nice when he/she was here, but good riddance.

Madea. Kind of annoying, bad liar, desperate play, tantrum... but I still liked Madea alright.

Moondoggie. He was in a bad position, so I really can't blame him - he wanted to stay loyal to his alliance but was stuck at the bottom of ours. Seems like a nice guy, a strong competitor, all around good player who just wasn't lucky.

Catherine. Didn't know Catherine at all, but she seemed nice enough and like a good team player.

Sweet. I had so many doubts about Sweet early on, but as it turned out, she was probably the most stable, dependable, consistently nice and welcoming person I've met in this game. I truly wish Sweet would've made it further... despite what I told Moses/Ariana to try to secure my position, I wish Sweet would've been in at least the final 3. From what I saw in the game, she's an all around very mellow, reliable, kind person.

Jeff. Great guy. I wish I wouldn't have jumped the gun early on, and given him more of a chance before putting him on Ainu - and the mess of trying to keep him in the game once I realized my mistake. I don't think he was a real risk to win the game, but I wish he could've gotten more of a chance - and I'm at least partially to blame for that, which is my biggest regret of the game. I was always torn between wanting to work closer with him but also feeling so guilty (and worried how it would appear to others if I was suddenly 100% on his side) that I didn't. I wish I would've seen how reliable and cool he was from the beginning.

Audrey. Respect for Audrey's social game.

Bobby. He played hard - really hard. But I should've trusted him more. We had a couple moments of calling each other out on stuff and he was actually a good competitor. For those reasons, he's one of the people I most respect in the game. We were both leading on Ariana, but he went through with his end of the deal and I, letting it get to my head, didn't. He should've been final 4.

Ariana. Ariana is kind of an inversion of Sweet, but I still think she's great. One of my favorite people in the game... but she was playing HARD and voting her out was necessary. I can't believe anyone ever thought she was riding coattails. Complete respect and admiration for Ariana and her game, but not necessarily sad she was voted off. Hopefully she's not pissed and we can catch up on IMDb.

Moses. Before Ariana and I started really talking, Moses was probably the person I talked to most in this game - someone I've really liked and respected both as a person and player in this game. I feel like his downfall was going along with Ariana too much - them flipping made the game fall apart and go crazy, and while it could've worked to their advantage, it didn't. I would've liked Moses to be in the final 3, and actually considered it, but... you know I couldn't.
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