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 Fallen comrades segment

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PostSubject: Fallen comrades segment    Thu Jun 04, 2015 6:35 pm

Joceyln - Unfortunately wasn't in the game too long but at the meet up in the beginning seemed very witty and slightly in your face and could have probably been a controversial character.

Human - Wasn't in the game much to know what they were like tbh.

Tyrion - seemed a strong player but unfortunately went on a tribe where he was on the outs.

Illuminatti - was hardly online so didn't seem as committed to the game as the rest of us.

Madea- I never talked/had her as a teammate but I heard from the old uilta tribe how she scrambled at the tc she was at and revealed some secrets about her old tribe to save herself in the game.

Moondoggie - I liked him. After the original uilta disbanded I was on a tribe with him - and Ariana and Moses - but I thought those two were more half hearted about the whole thing(tho I was told that could be a ploy to not seem too intimidating in the long run) - I respected him for wanted to fight for his place. We pmed after the game because I wanted to explain why I voted him out/how Madea 'sold' him out, basically, and he seemed cool about it.

Catherine - from a rival tribe, never got to talk much but seemed loyal to her tribe

Sweet - I liked her. She was one of my first tribemates(along with ekki) and I sensed a true loyalty with her. Tho when she picked to go with ekki, literally after a minute after she told me she'll stick with me I doubted her. But it was cool later and I missed her in the game

Jeff- he was one of the first people I found sneaky in the game and didnt trust as much. He told me he'd have my back - but I heard from ekki how he told him the same deal and how he wanted to infiltrate other tribe members too from the other tribal groups.  I was wary of him up until just before the merge. He seemed like a nice enough guy.

Audrey - seemed like a strong loyal player from her tribe and, from the vibe I got, lead them all.  I found her to be one of my biggest threats in the game. Getting Bobby and Tony to agree to blindside her with ekki and I was probs one of my personal most pivotal moments in the game - as I heard from ekki that bobby told him voting me out was their plan, and I thought I'd be gone. I think if we worked together her and I could have been a good duo, so much respect to her.

Bobby - I loved how he fought for his place throughout the game. I'm glad I got to play alongside him and form an alliance, even though in the initial stages we were 'enemies'. Good guy.

Ariana - ahh...she was definitely one to watch!  She's probably been the sneakiest in the game! I've heard through the grapevine how she's said stuff about me that were slightly derogatory i.e. that both Audrey and I were the biggest coattail riders in the game(ekki told me) - I'm guessing it was her ploy to get rid of us both and leave her to be the last girl standing. She knew both Audrey and I had a loyalty with our tribemates and seemed consistent and grounded there. She wanted to break our alliances. I sense her game was to make alliances with everyone and possibly be a mole in one and seem more loyal with another....I think there's only so much you could do then before everyone catches on to her game and votes her out. Which is what I think we did.

Moses - he seemed to do everything that Ariana told him to do, so I couldn't trust him as much as the game progressed. Plus he said some things to ekki about me, like Ariana(I'm guessing both their ploy to turn ekki) which just made me realise those two were kind of two faced perhaps lol. They both made a final 3 deal with me which I sensed was a blindside waiting to happen prior to that stage.  He seemed like a nice guy regardless.
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Fallen comrades segment
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