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 Fallen Comrades

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PostSubject: Fallen Comrades   Fallen Comrades EmptyThu Jun 04, 2015 6:22 pm

Jocelyn Wildenstein - kind of crazy - what was up with that thumbnail?
Human - who?!?
Tyrion Lannister - really thought he'd go far. would have liked to get to know him more.
Illuminati - again, who?!?
Madea - cooky lady.
Moondoggie - probably the person I was saddest about going, endearing - should have made it farther.
Catherine Willows - only got to know her at the end. Thought she was out to get me - tough vote to go out on.
Sweet - Tough competitor - didn't really know her apart from that.
Jeff - don't know what to think of Jeff - kind of chill. Good gameplayer.
Audrey Belrose - tough one to see go - definitely had to pick sides and she got caught in the crossfire.
FunBobby - shame he went - developed a great bond.
Ariana - great social game - how she managed to evade everyone for so long is super impressive.
Moses - not sure - kind of popped in when he felt. Made it super deep - bit crazy.
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Fallen Comrades
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