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 So Fate allows me to get acquainted

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PostSubject: So Fate allows me to get acquainted   Mon May 04, 2015 10:16 pm

Now I can get into everyone's minds like I do.

I'm definitely really excited cause I really wanted to play another game after having such an awesome time in Kyogre's Exile Island a few months ago. And Fate played in my favor alot tonight cause I didn't want to be on Madea's team and my tribe got immunity from tribal council. 2 positive moments for my edgic <3 So I have some time to wiggle my way into an alliance. Early inactivity ruins you in these games and I managed to dodge certain doom. So that's good. But I didn't want to be with Madea anyway cause of the way she said I will swap Ariana and "umb" I wasn't sure if that was a spelling error or a name, but I guess she meant "um", so I already can't stand her, but she swapped me to another team with one of the powers she won at the auction anyway. Then there's this part that makes it easy. Anyone who chooses Madea is probably just an idiot. Not someone I want to mingle with in this game.

And she swapped me WITH Jeff, to Uilta. And Jeff's more inactive than I am. Thanks, bitch. Even more time for me to work my magic. And Lindsay's one of my favorite people. I remember her from way back when me and cherry got in a huge fight in a BB game and she was the 3rd one in the final 3 with us (random <3) and she was playing an endurance game amongst our very loud/awkward outburst. I think she ended up winning the game? IDK cause cherry was so pissed at me she voted me out <3 Anyway so maybe I can use that old friendship to my advantage if I tell her who I am. Unless someone is pretending to be her? No one's that clever though? Intriguing.

And the other 2 on the team seem active. Should be a fun game!
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Posts : 14
Join date : 2015-05-04

PostSubject: Re: So Fate allows me to get acquainted   Mon May 04, 2015 10:43 pm

So I think I'll tell Lindsay who I really am, as a show of faith. Cause I know she likes me. I sent her a pm. Then at least I will always have one other person in this game. I honestly sense powerful energy lurking around these makes me nervous. So I'm gonna have to start playing the game already.
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So Fate allows me to get acquainted
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