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 6/1 challenge pt 2

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Ekki Mukk

Ekki Mukk

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6/1 challenge pt 2 Empty
PostSubject: 6/1 challenge pt 2   6/1 challenge pt 2 EmptyMon Jun 01, 2015 8:44 pm

Including votes in challenge description, but also separately below.

Challenge 1: Auction; tribes formed, captains chosen at auction (Sweet/Uilta, Catherine/Ainu, Audrey/Gilyak); Ekki bought hidden item (vote penalty); Bobby and Sweet bought immunity idols; Madea bought sitting out/swapping with first voted out (and swapping 2 players, Moses and Illuminati); Magic bought tribe not competing in first challenge
Challenge 2: Immunity; did not play (per Magic's reward); Gilyak won immunity/Ainu lost; Jocelyn voted out and Madea swapped in
Challenge 3: Immunity; listing tribe name every 5 minutes; Ainu lost (Gilyak and Uilta won immunity); Human voted out
Challenge 4: Reward; Twenty-One with players sacrificed; Audrey lost and Gilyak was disbanded; Bobby (2nd) and Ekki (1st) picked new members for Ainu and Uilta
Challenge 5: Immunity; word game (pick words with given 3 letters); Ainu won immunity/Uilta lost; Tyrion voted out
Challenge 6: Immunity; lock/key challenge; Ainu won immunity/Uilta lost; Illuminati voted out
Challenge 7: Reward; crossword puzzle; Magic in 3rd, Tony in 2nd, Ekki in 1st (all won immunity for first vote as tribe); Gilyak reformed as Ariana, Magic, Moondoggie, and Moses; back to 3 tribes (players picked)
Challenge 8: Immunity; trivia challenge (picking topics and wagering points 1-10, 2 rounds per player first 8 rounds); Uilta won the "coin (number) toss"/went first (picked 17, number was 1), but lost challenge (Ainu and Gilyak won immunity); Sweet played idol; Revote to break tie; Madea voted out
Challenge 9: Immunity; Sakhalin wiki sentence-sequencing challenge; Gilyak lost (Uilta and Ainu won immunity); Moondoggie voted out
Challenge 10: Merge/Individual Immunity; movie trivia challenge (guess movie by stars); Tony won immunity; Bobby played idol; Catherine voted out
Challenge 11: Immunity; Russian names list elimination challenge; Ekki won immunity; Sweet voted out
Challenge 12: Immunity; Survivor winner names challenge; Ekki won immunity; Jeff voted out
Challenge 13: Immunity; mixed trivia challenge w/ advantage cards; Ekki won immunity; Audrey voted out
Challenge 14: Reward; find TV shows from descriptions challenge; Tony won reward (advantage in next immunity challenge - picking teams)
Challenge 15: Immunity; team challenge (Bobby/Tony, Ekki/Magic, Ariana/Moses - picked by Tony) - alphagram/episodes of The Americans; Tony won immunity; Bobby voted out

Voted out:
TC1: Jocelyn (Madea swapped in)
TC2: Human
TC3: Tyrion
TC4: Illuminati
TC5: Madea (Sweet played idol, tie-breaker revote)
TC6: Moondoggie
TC7: Catherine (Bobby played idol)
TC8: Sweet
TC9: Jeff
TC10: Audrey
TC11: Bobby
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6/1 challenge pt 2
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