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 6/1 challenge pt 1:

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Ekki Mukk

Ekki Mukk

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6/1 challenge pt 1: Empty
PostSubject: 6/1 challenge pt 1:   6/1 challenge pt 1: EmptyMon Jun 01, 2015 8:43 pm

1. Which player is/was the friendliest? Audrey
2. Which player is/was the most annoying? Magic
3. Which player is/was playing the game the hardest? Ariana
4. Which player do you most regret trusting/joining in an alliance? Ariana
5. Which player is/was the most clueless in the game? Jeff

6. Which player getting voted out was most surprising to you? Tyrion
7. Which player played the best game in their short time in the game? Moondoggie
8. Which player do you wish would've lasted longer? Moondoggie
9. Which player were you most happy to see eliminated? Illuminati
10. Which player never had a chance in the game? Jocelyn

11. Which player was the biggest threat to you personally? Bobby
12. Which player was most blindsided by their elimination? Audrey
13. Which player do you expect to be the most bitter? Sweet
14. Which player was never a threat to win the game? Jeff
15. Which player do you wish was still in the game? Audrey

16. Which player has played the best game up to this point? Tony
17. Which player does not deserve to still be in the game? Magic
18. Which player do you wish you would've worked closer? Ekki
19. Which player has been the luckiest to make it this far? Magic
20. Which player is in the worst position for the remainder of the game? Ekki
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6/1 challenge pt 1:
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