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 Confessional #2 - First reward and immunity challenge

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PostSubject: Confessional #2 - First reward and immunity challenge   Mon May 04, 2015 10:01 pm

So during the first Survivor Reward challenge I became the first member of the the Ainu tribe. Oh and I also got a Hidden Immunity Idol!!!!!

I made an alliance with Catherine. We spoke to each other while she picked the rest of our tribemates. She asked me if there was anyone I wanted and I told her to just pick as many active people as she can so that we have as active of a tribe as possible.

Catherine seems trustworthy so far but there was one thing that made me question her a littlr. She asked me if we should consider throwing the first Immunity challenge. Her reasoning for this was that if we threw the challenge Madea would join our Tribe (as per the rules from the auction) and this would give us an extra active person. HOLD THE PHONE I SAID! Why would we throw a challenge to pick up someone we don't have an alliance with? What if that person votes against us? In a tribe of 5 having even 1 person vote against an alliance of 2 is NOT good. I explained my reservations about this to Catherine. She covered it by saying "she hadn't thought of that"... which maybe is true, but I'm gonna be weary of her because I definitely don't trust Madea and so it wouldn't surprise me if Madea and her have already been communicating. Why don't I trust Madea? Here's why...

So Madea and Moondoggie both message me and tell me they want to have a cross-tribal alliance with them, myself and Tyrion and Aubrey. Once we got down to the F5 we would pick off Tyrion and Aubrey and us 3 would battle it out at the final 3. I don't trust that. Those plans seem way too specific and it is way too early to start promising final 3.

What I am struggling with now is do I target Moondoggie at our first TC, which would show Madea that I don't trust her or do I vote alongside Moondoggie and see how far this alliance takes me? Maybe I can jump ship at another time. I also don't know if I should tell Catherine about the alliance that Madea and Moondoggie offered me because if I do, and I tell her that I don't trust them, and she is working with them, then I will have screwed myself.

I have no idea where Jocelyn and Human stand. I haven't spoken to them at all.

I voted "TRIBE" for the Immunity challenge because I do NOT want to go to the first TC. But no one else seems to be full of tribe unity so I'm not sure how the other votes are gonna go. I wouldn't be surprised if a few of our tribemates voted to give themselves Individual immunity in lieu of sending us to TC. I'm just hoping we don't have to go.

This confessional is "To be Continued"....
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PostSubject: Re: Confessional #2 - First reward and immunity challenge   Tue May 05, 2015 12:28 am

I have spoken to Moondoggie and Human and they both said they are going to vote for Jocelyn. I also sent Catherine a Private Message and told her that I was locking in my vote for Jocelyn. Hopefully she votes the same way.

I am going to trust everyone at face value and not play my idol.

In my TC questions I told people I would tell them what my Auction item was. If anyone asks I am going to tell them that I can either steal a member from the other tribe or that I have the ability to mutiny at any time. I think this is believable enough yet a lot less threatening than an Immunity Idol.
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Confessional #2 - First reward and immunity challenge
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