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 Exit Interview

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PostSubject: Exit Interview   Exit Interview EmptyTue May 26, 2015 5:28 pm

Thanks again for signing up and playing. Remember you get to be a part of the jury and will have a say in who ultimately wins this game.

Early on, it seems some people thought you were inactive because you missed the auction and you were the last player selected at the initial tribal selection. Did you think that you would make it this far, or did you think you'd be a target from the beginning?

You and Ekki seemed to hit it off, but your alliance never seemed 100%. Were you solid with him as an ally or did you feel there was mistrust on both ends? Did it change after the tie vote with Madea?

At the merge, your group seemed solid and had the numbers. What do you think happened to change the game in such a major fashion?

You had something on the side with Moses as well. How strong was that partnership? Did you want to take him far, or was that just a backup plan in case other plans failed?

Aliases play a big part in this game. Typically there are a few who play as their identity. Not the case this season. Had you played as yourself, do you think that could've given you an advantage, or would you have been a bigger target from the get-go?

Did you tell anyone who you were or did anyone tell you who they were?

Based on what you've seen, who do you think is in the best position to make it to the end?

Who do you think will be the next voted out?
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Jeff Winger

Jeff Winger

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PostSubject: Re: Exit Interview   Exit Interview EmptyTue May 26, 2015 6:38 pm

Thanks for having me. I knew I would be a target early on so I tried to play dumb and act like I didnt know what I was doing in hopes people would want to keep me around as long as possible.

I really trusted Ekki until the Madea vote. He lied to me when he didnt have to which made no sense to me what so ever. I wanted to go far with him but not take him to the finals because he was a great player and there was no way I was going to beat him.

LOL I know right. Moses and Ariana are idiots. I understand playing the game, but to tell me pointless lies all game is something that I dont respect. Ariana and Moses let someone get in their head and they panicked and flipped.

Moses is an idiot. He would be the perfect goat to take to the end cause he wouldnt receive one vote. He doesnt even know half the players in the game. Calling people wrong names and stuff, Im offended that he is still playing and Im voted out.

Lol I think If I played as myself I would of done better for sure. I have a lot of friends on the boards and I use that as an advantage in games. But I wanted a challenge and wanted to win a game as a player other than Straightloonz. Clearly, I am a shit mystery player lol.

Nope. I promised myself I wouldnt tell anyone and I want it to be a surprise at the end of the game. I have a feeling I know who some of them are though. If one of my friends voted me out though. Imma beat their ass.

Honestly, Tony is in a great position from what I see, people are going to see Ariana and Moses flipping around and hopefully get them out soon. I dont know If Ekki is in trouble or if he is really a mastermind but I think Ill be rooting for him. He is the guy who really spoke with me all game and I had a lot of fun talking game with him. I really thought we had a solid since going in to merge but THATS SURVIVOR, RIGHT WHEN YOU THINK YOURE SAFE YOU GO HOME THE NEXT FUCKING TRIBAL COUNCIL.

Thanks for having me switza, I had loads of fun and I wouldnt hesitate to play another one of your games in the future.
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Exit Interview
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