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 Exit interview

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PostSubject: Exit interview   Exit interview EmptyThu May 21, 2015 8:46 am

Thank you so much for signing up and playing. You were one of the first to show interest and I truly appreciate it. Unfortunately you didn't quite make it as far as last time.

Why do you think you were the target at the vote?

Did you ex-Ainu figure that you would be outnumbered or were you counting on a player or two to switch to your side?

Bobby played an idol on himself but didn't mean anything. Had he made it public he had an idol?

Unusual for the Lsquared series to have everyone under an alias. Do you think if you would've played as yourself, it could have given you an advantage if people would be more willing to play with a familiar face?

Did you tell anyone who you were, or did anyone tell you who they were?

We have a lot of strong players left. Who do you think has the best shot of making it far in the game?

Do you think this will be an Ainu massacre, or do you think someone(s) from the other side will turn on the Gilyak-Uilta group?

Who do you expect to be voted out next?
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Exit interview
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