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 Confessional #9

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PostSubject: Confessional #9   Confessional #9 EmptySat May 16, 2015 9:54 pm

So i got this from Ekki:
"Hey. Just wanted to let you know that Madea will be voted out. We ended up forcing a tie, trying to see where everyone stands and who was playing who. In the end, we weren't sure if Madea was bluffing about having an idol, or bluffing about NOT having an idol so she wouldn't have to play it yet (she said both). Regardless of everything else, if it's the latter, it would be too risky for us to keep Madea, in case we lost again.

I really am sorry, but it was the safest choice without knowing for sure if Madea did or didn't have an idol."

Clever strategy by Uilta to deal with Madea's bluff.  Speaking of Madea, poor ole lady.  She was my friend and the most team oriented player in this game.  Uilta will pay for this.  I expect Uilta to go full force in the next immunity challenge, as they don't have any more room for error.  I also don't expect Ainu to lose because they are too talented. In fact I expect to be sitting in tribal council with the Gilyak next time, especially since they are half assing through challenges.  In order to gain their trust I set up a room with Moses and Magic girl and hopefully buy me one more round before the merge.  Should we lose the challenge though, I will need to more aggressive and bluff that I have an idol, in order for them to carry out Ekki's 2-2 voting strategy and i can use the tiebreaker vote to my advantage.
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Confessional #9
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