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 Confessional #5 {The Devil You Know}

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PostSubject: Confessional #5 {The Devil You Know}   Fri May 15, 2015 11:31 am

In the reward challenge, Ekki, Tony and Magic ended up winning. They became captains of yet another tribe mix up into three tribes of four. We planned it so that I would go with Ekki and Moses would go with Magic so we would all be safe in any vote situation. All the yellows teamed up into a super group that will be tough to beat in challenges. Ariana also went with Magic's tribe, so maybe they will keep that trio going. Jeff came over with Ekki and I, but he has shown disloyalty in the past.

Sure enough, when our tribe lost the immunity challenge, Jeff immediately threw me under the bus. He said to Ekki that we should vote me out with my idol, because if Madea leaves and we lose again, Jeff would be next. I understand him looking out for himself, but you can't just assume we will always lose. You have to stick together sometimes, but Jeff is a complete snake.

Unfortunately, I have to waste my idol early in the game. Madea is bluffing everyone that she has an idol. I highly doubt this. But just in case, Ekki is voting Jeff and I am voting Madea. Jeff & Madea are voting me, so those votes won't count. Ekki is immune based on his reward from the earlier challenge. If Madea is smart and votes Jeff, then he will go 2-1. But if she votes me it will be a tie on them 1-1. Then Ekki & I will talk about it and decide who to keep in the revote.

I will most likely push for Madea to go, even though Jeff is a snake. Better the devil you know....

Magic & Moses have said they will throw the next challenge so they can vote out Moondoggie and keep Ekki and I safe. They can do that if they want, but it also wouldn't hurt for us to lose again and get Jeff out. He could cost us down the road.
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Confessional #5 {The Devil You Know}
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