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 Confessional #4 {Mulling Over The Merge}

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Confessional #4 {Mulling Over The Merge} Empty
PostSubject: Confessional #4 {Mulling Over The Merge}   Confessional #4 {Mulling Over The Merge} EmptyMon May 11, 2015 5:56 pm

I am starting to think about the merge a little bit more. I have to hope there is not a strong showing of solidarity on the part of the other tribe, because I definitely didn't have any luck with my group. Illuminati has disappeared, leaving the original Uilta group as a trio. We got rid of a big threat in Tyrion, because he would have hooked back up with the reds and presented a pretty big problem. We are keeping Ariana around simply based on activity at this point. She is friendly enough, but I think she is torpedoing the challenges on purpose by acting "confused." I have no doubts that she will not be sticking with me when merge happens. Oh and Moses is useless.

I am going to approach this merge like the Survivor Tocantins season. The small, outnumbered group was able to pick apart the majority by exploiting cracks and paranoia. My trio is strong, and I will sink with this ship. But I think I can reach out to certain people from the other group too. Moondoggie did approach me earlier, so I might start there. Jeff was already causing trouble before the switch, so he might try to reconnect with us. More than likely he can't be trusted. The rest of the people are unknowns to me at this point, so I will just have to figure things out when the time comes. I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Team Red and Team Blue (after Illuminati goes) will have now lost a member recently. If we merge now it will be interesting, since Red, Blue, and Yellow will have 4 original members each. It will all come down to which two teams meet up to take the third. I think Yellow will be willing to vote out the reds, but perhaps Ariana will give us a link to the reds and help us vote out the yellows. I think we are seen as the weaker of the tribes, so I'm hoping people think they can use us to take the others out. That would give me lots of time to get my voice in everyone's ears and figure out how to navigate the rest of the game.
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Confessional #4 {Mulling Over The Merge}
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