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 Confessional #3 {A New Tribe of Sacrifices}

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Confessional #3 {A New Tribe of Sacrifices} Empty
PostSubject: Confessional #3 {A New Tribe of Sacrifices}   Confessional #3 {A New Tribe of Sacrifices} EmptyFri May 08, 2015 5:40 pm

Here is the new Uilta tribe:





I arranged it in the order of trust I have for each member. Magic is my number one. Ekki is my shield and rounds out the trio. I will stick with these two for as long as it makes sense, which should be for the entire game unless something crazy happens. Illuminati will be my ace in the whole 4th. And Moses is potentially the 5th once Ekki fills him in on how he was sacrificed by his tribe and how we wanted to welcome him to our tribe to work with us. This majority should give us enough leverage to control Uilta until the next stage of the game when it becomes individual. I very much think I will be able to hang on to my idol until deep into the game. Ariana hasn't even messaged me, so I will push for her to go first when the time comes. Tyrion has at least reached out with a hello, so he is one step above her. I will chat with him and see what my judgement is about our chances of working together at all. I think my group of 5 is the ideal scenario though, since Tyrion & Ariana are power players who played important roles on their past tribes and would likely go back with their old allies at merge. I am playing the loyalty game here and working for Uilta to go all the way. Illuminati and Moses seem like UTR players that can help get me to the end.

The basic template is laid out in front of me, now I just have to work out the finer details. The work has just begun. I just have to crack out my social mastery and let the game develop naturally while I sit back and pull all the strings.
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Confessional #3 {A New Tribe of Sacrifices}
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